Monday, October 13, 2008

Showcase of the Dogs Weekend

Most of you know that although I do not show dogs myself I enjoy watching others do so. I am sure it will be of no surprise to any of you that although the group of people that we were going with this weekend were not planning to leave J-town until 11 a.m., we left home @ 6:45 a.m. for the show. I wanted to see some of the dogs show before walking around to look at the other events.

While Christi was not there this year, we still came home with treats for the kids. They stayed at home with Grandpa and I firmly believe we would not have gotten more than a sniff if we had come home empty handed. They know that every time we go on a trip without them they are sure to get something upon our return. The weather was beautiful for the show and quite picturesque.

After we left Showcase we went to out hotel to check in. We were driving toward it and I had a little bit of the country bumpkin in me rear it's head. We were driving down the road towards the Hilton and the only thing I could think was....

that it looked like a really pretty GRAIN SILO!!!! Oh come on now you all know you see it too!!
The view from our room was beautiful!!!!
The Adoption Options Seminar was very good, but I sure got tired of sitting. We left there about 5 p.m., and drove home. Hope everyone else had a great weekend!

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