Sunday, February 7, 2016

Itty Bitty Perry Foster

So lets start this new blog with an introduction to the Itty Bitty Perry Pup who is our current foster. You can see additional photos on instagram with the hash tag #ittybittyperrypup . He came to us at about 5 - 6 weeks of age. His sibling past away and we were all afraid he would not make it so of course I took him home. My husband works as a Kennel Master for our local Animal Control. He loves his job although at times it is heart breaking. We call the puppy Little Guy. He came home with us on New Year's Eve, Don't most people stay at home and tend a malnourished puppy on New Year's Eve?

 We got him so milk replacement because he threw up all of his food on me when I was bringing him home from Animal Control. He got a glucose injection to help boost him up also. We got some fluids in him and I woke up every two to three hours to feed him. We were very afraid that he would not make it through the night. He made all of our days when he not only made it but has thrived.
I will continue his story in the next few days with photos we have taken of him on his journey. He has restored so much good to our lives!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life Is Crazy Fast!!

First let's begin by saying I am a day late. Second let's all think of the babies that we have loved with our hearts so fully that the loss of them is felt for a lifetime. This is Lady Belle, Dump Dog, who we rescued from a backroad dumping site in November of 1997. If you would like to read her whole story go to She was a fantastic girl who scared herself the first time she ever bellowed. She was with us almost 5 years when she left this world on September 23, 2002. She is still missed greatly. We will be driving up our long driveway and if a rabbit runs out we always tease one another that if we could only see her, that we are sure Lady is right at it's heels.

This is the next girl we get to talk about who would have been 13 years old yesterday. She was my first Cardigan Welsh Corgi and hopefully not my last. I will have to say though I think she spoiled me because her temperament was so docile. She came to live with us after she had earned her title and was known in the ring as Ch.Sisterwood Platinum Lady Blu. Her call name was Patty, her other family called her Patty Sue as we did at first. We eventually called her Patti Cake! She was one of the sweetest girls that EVER lived. We miss her so much. She left a whole in our lives and our hearts when she left. Thank you to all the people who made it possible for her to be in our lives (Sarah Keth, Laura Marrocco, Marla Gardner, and lastly Ellen Ikerd). Her beautiful soul and haunting eyes were just a small part of her!

Thank you for reading my rattle about two of the most wonderful dogs I have ever known! Hug your furries a little tighter today and gave them an extra treat!

Melissa & the Gang

Monday, September 5, 2011


Missy's Sissy Que - Shetland Sheepdog

Today would have been her birthday! She has been gone from us for 6 years now and is missed so strongly at times. She lived a long happy life of over 16 and a half years. She was my first registered dog, but papers didn't really matter. She had my heart from the moment I first laid my eyes on her. She was born on Labor Day morning in our living room. I saw her before her mother had even removed her sac from around her. She was taken from us by Mammory Cancer, but will never leave our hearts!!

Love you forever beautiful girl!
Mom & Dad

Monday, December 27, 2010

New Year on it's Way!

With the New Year on it's way I am feeling the need to reflect like a lot of people seem to do....

This year has shown me what true friendship can withstand. Life seems to take us through peoples lives and into others for longer periods of time. Friends can be people who are near or far, people who are seen or talked to daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Whatever type of friend you may be I would like to thank you for thinking of me as your friend.

I have learned that believing in yourself goes a long way. I started trying to forward my photography and sure enough things began to happen. I hope that in the New Year I can continue to do what I enjoy. I would like to thank those of you who believed in me when I was not so sure of myself.

Lastly a tribute to some of the people and pets that have been lost this year. I will not put any names to you, but most of you know who they were. I will forever miss some of you because of your special place in my life. I will always remember your warmth and your wonderful spirit long after you are gone.

May your New Year be blessed with the many joys that come so unexpectedly in this life along with the ones we ourselves create for others.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Tribute to Skunk - Puppymill Rescue

A tribute to a Chihuahua named Skunk....

Photo taken by Graycen Colbert
In April 2006, NAFA (Northeast Arkansans for Animals) assisted with the closure of a Chihuahua puppymill in Southeastern Missouri. At the conclusion, NAFA took the 27 worst Chihuahua of various shapes and sizes. Perhaps the poster pup for this rescue was a black and white female Chihuahua apply named Skunk. She was nearly toothless (only 3 rotting teeth remained in her mouth). NAFA investigators were told that most of her teeth had been pulled because she was a biter. As a result her tongue constantly hung from the side of her mouth. Three of her four legs had been broken at some time and never set, so she walked with an incredible hobble. She had also had damage to one of her eyes that had never received veterinary care so she had limited sight in her left eye. Perhaps the most daunting of her many qualities was a heart condition that required expensive medication. It is also no surprise that she trusted no one and for nearly a year wanted no one to touch her.
NAFA volunteers tried several foster homes but none seemed to suit her and the expensive drugs that she required limited her adoption. Finally, the decision was made that she would live at the NAFA office to oversee the parade of geriatric and disabled dogs that NAFA rescued. And, she did her job very well. Somehow she taught them to trust and allow people to handle them. Several of those whom she mentored were a dachshund named Moses, a pom named Flower, and another chihuahua named Stitch just to name a few. Over the past several months, Skunk's many maladies began to worsen. A chiweenie named Nimaway took over Skunk's job and began to care for Skunk. Glaucoma finally took the last of Skunk's sight, but Nimaway became her eyes. Although Skunk could still get around some, Nimaway would make sure she had treats in her bed and was often seen cleaning and grooming Skunk.
Early Sunday morning (October 24th) Skunk passed away. She will always be remembered as the true spirit of NAFA. We promised that the horrors of her past would be replaced with love and each of us at NAFA loved and cherished each day we had with her.
Skunk was recently part of a "Trash the Dress" photo session with one of NAFA's long time volunteers, Janae McCallister. I don't think she ever looked more beautiful than in this photo. We will miss her greatly.

Monday, June 21, 2010


When we went to the vet on Friday her pressure was down to 46. We increased another one of her meds as instructed and will go back on Tuesday for another check up.

Thanks for the prayers and well wishes,
Mel & the gang

Monday, June 14, 2010


Just wanted to let you all know that we got bad news on Pandora yesterday. Her left eye (the brown one) swelled and got really hazy on Friday. She has allergies that flare up now and then so we started treating it with eye wash and benadryl as always. Well Friday night it swelled so we took her to the vet. She has glaucoma and they can not get the pressure down. Normal pressure is considered high at 20, her's is 86. She has lost all sight in that eye and we will more than likely have to have it injected so that it stops producing fluids or completely have the eye removed. We are weighing our options currently. If anyone has had a dog with this issue please weigh in.

Mel & the Gang