Thursday, May 28, 2009


This is Lilly! She is Stacy's favorite! I think her petite size reminds him of our Sissy Que. Graycie, Mom's Pitt mix, decided to get a closer look at a not to sure Gypsy.

This little girl has no name as of yet, but I love her full collar!

We have had them about 3 weeks now and Big Girl got adopted the first time she went to adoption!

I love Shetland Sheepdogs! Those of you who know me have heard me talk about Sissy Que I am sure, so when these arrived our rescue director knew immediately whose house they could go to.

Sorry it has been so long between posts. I haven't been real good about those things lately!


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  1. How adorable! I hope they all get forever homes real soon!