Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Who knew that our sweet little Patti was so opinionated?

Our rescue has been doing low cost neuters for cats, but does not have the money to finish our low cost spay/neuter trailer.

The dogs begged their owners to allow them to show their feelings by doing a mini protest! Dakota was very thankful that her Mom let her participate!

Issy was there as well, and would not be outdone by her shorter sibling!

Tut, who was the ringleader, is very open with his beliefs. He has been quoted as saying " Cats need rights as well but dogs deserve equal opportunity!"
Patti was really hopeful that the kind people at the bakery that the protest was held in front of would feel sorry for her and just open the door. She was happy to protest but was relieved to get in out of the heat!
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  1. Gosh, those dogs have great penmanship! :-) Patti Sue, she's the cutest protester of them all.