Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life Is Crazy Fast!!

First let's begin by saying I am a day late. Second let's all think of the babies that we have loved with our hearts so fully that the loss of them is felt for a lifetime. This is Lady Belle, Dump Dog, who we rescued from a backroad dumping site in November of 1997. If you would like to read her whole story go to She was a fantastic girl who scared herself the first time she ever bellowed. She was with us almost 5 years when she left this world on September 23, 2002. She is still missed greatly. We will be driving up our long driveway and if a rabbit runs out we always tease one another that if we could only see her, that we are sure Lady is right at it's heels.

This is the next girl we get to talk about who would have been 13 years old yesterday. She was my first Cardigan Welsh Corgi and hopefully not my last. I will have to say though I think she spoiled me because her temperament was so docile. She came to live with us after she had earned her title and was known in the ring as Ch.Sisterwood Platinum Lady Blu. Her call name was Patty, her other family called her Patty Sue as we did at first. We eventually called her Patti Cake! She was one of the sweetest girls that EVER lived. We miss her so much. She left a whole in our lives and our hearts when she left. Thank you to all the people who made it possible for her to be in our lives (Sarah Keth, Laura Marrocco, Marla Gardner, and lastly Ellen Ikerd). Her beautiful soul and haunting eyes were just a small part of her!

Thank you for reading my rattle about two of the most wonderful dogs I have ever known! Hug your furries a little tighter today and gave them an extra treat!

Melissa & the Gang

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