Monday, January 12, 2009


Just to let you all know that on Thursday Sebastian was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma of the Spleen. There was no good news that followed his diagnosis. Just about everything that have I researched about it and what our veterinarian told was not hopeful. We are going to try a few holistic things to see if they help to at the least keep him comfortable. With this disease he can develop a bleed without warning and since his is all internal there will be little sign of what is happening.
He is a very aggressive eater and loves certain things. He refused a slice of apple and it concerned me. Stacy brought home bananas, which are his favorite, and he would not even smell them. Later that night when they all got their kibble he was the last to finish, he is normally done first and staring at the girls to try and get them to leave their bowls. Needless to say I called the veterinarian first thing the next morning. We did blood work and x-rays. It was not long till we knew for sure what the problem was.
Please pray that the holistic treatment works to the best of it's ability as the other options have far greater risk.



  1. Oh no. Poor Sebastian. :-( Corgi hugs to you, Sebastian, and we'll all be pulling for you to feel better...